About Gene Therapy of Cancer

What is gene therapy of cancer?
The relationship between cancer and genes gradually becomes clear, it is treatment starting in various countries around the world. As a treatment content, it is a treatment that works on the root of the mechanism of cancer and treats the mutated / deficient function of cancer cells normally without hurting normal cells, so the range of application is wide, There is great expectation as an adaptable treatment as well.
What are the characteristics compared to conventional standard treatment?
Currently established cancer standard treatment is surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy. These treatments also hurt normal cells, so there is a painful "painful" image, but gene therapy has no pain or side effects due to treatment.
Furthermore, it is possible to treat by hospitalization while doing ordinary life, as long as gene therapy is added while continuing anticancer drugs and radiotherapy, many features such as being able to obtain high effect by interaction, etc. There is. It is a new option for patients who were unable to do standard treatment due to bad physical condition.
Why is gene therapy effective for cancer in the first place?
Cancer is a disease caused by genetic damage, it is a treatment to repair that gene.
Originally, even if the cell is damaged, it can cause self repair or apoptosis (self death), so it is controlled not to leave damaged cells damaged and not affect the function of the body I will. However, if the genes that instruct it are also damaged at the same time these functions can not be done well. In other words, it is a cancer that repeats division and proliferation without proper control.
Please tell me about "carcinogen gene" and "cancer suppression gene".
"Carcinogenic gene" acts as accelerator of cell growth promotion, "cancer suppressor gene" serves as a brake for suppression of cell proliferation and controls proliferating cell cycle. Therefore, if "cancer gene" or "cancer suppressor gene" is broken and the balance breaks down, the cell will lose control and run away.
In gene therapy, how to stop the growth of cancer cells?
The fundamental cause of many cancers is gene mutation. It is "cancer cells" that the balance of the oncogenes and the tumor suppressor genes collapsed due to the mutation of the genes, and the cells proliferated indefinitely.
In gene therapy, first ...
It suppresses the action of "carcinogenes" that promote cancer cell proliferation.
We introduce a "cancer suppressor gene" that suppresses proliferation of cancer cells and restore its function.
By doing these at the same time, it is "gene therapy of cancer" that normalizes each function and regains balance. In other words, cancer cells whose cell growth cycle has been halted can begin to work with the original mechanism of apoptosis, and as a result the tumor can be expected to become smaller.
How do you deliver genes to cells?
By promoter and vector functions, we send the necessary preparation into the nucleus of cancer cells.

Carrier of gene "Vector"

In therapy, we first use a highly safe vector that can stably enter the nucleus of the cell stably. Vectors are used as carriers for sending various genes to cancer cells in gene therapy of cancer.

"Promoter" for selectively expressing only cancer cells

To deliver this formulation selectively and efficiently only to cancer cells, we use the hTERT promoter. The gene has a sequence that suppresses the expression of a gene called a promoter, and it is possible to express the gene only in a specific cell depending on its promoter.
The hTERT promoter has little expression in normal cells and is a promoter that suppresses the expression of telomerase, which is frequently expressed in cancer cells.

Technology to suppress the expression of Cdc6 "RNA interference"

To suppress the expression of Cdc6, we use RNA interference technology. RNA interference is a phenomenon in which expression of a gene is suppressed when a special RNA corresponding to a targeted gene is introduced into a cell. This technique is used to destroy the mRNA involved in the synthesis of Cdc6 and as a result knockdown Cdc6.

Please tell me the flow of "gene therapy of cancer" consultation.
The flow of treatment is as follows.

1. Treatment explanation and medical consultation

Our specialist coordinator will consult in advance. Please contact us from the inquiry section of the website.
For overseas patients, please consult your doctor first at a medical institution that is in medical cooperation with this hospital. (* Please contact medical institutions that have medical cooperation)

2. Preparation of a treatment plan tailored to patients, treatment agreement

The treatment is basically done at the hospital. Based on intravenous drip, we will combine various administration methods more effectively depending on the patient's condition. The method that can be treated differs depending on the site and size of the tumor.
Treatment is about 1 cool 5 times is standard. Because there are few side effects, it is also possible to concentrate treatment depending on the condition.
Considering the patient's overall condition, a reasonable treatment plan can be set up. We plan and schedule while we ask about the circumstances of patients and their families and treat them more effectively.
We will also show you the cost and get medical consent.

3. Treatment

One run, 3 to 5 times (In the case of overseas patients, it depends on the medical condition and arrival dates).

4. Evaluation of examination and treatment

We will evaluate the treatment based on the results of imaging tests and blood tests. In many cases, in many cases these inspections are already carried out in many cases, and to prevent excessive examination, new examination is not done except when the doctor specially requires it. (It is also possible to arrange by request separately)
Although not required, genetic testing can also be performed as an option for therapeutic evaluation from a multifaceted point of view.

Please tell me about combination treatment.
Treatment by combination is as follows.

Combination treatment

We also propose combinations treatment with standard treatment according to patient 's request. When used in combination with anticancer drugs or radiotherapy, it is possible to enhance its effect by using it in conjunction with gene therapy. In addition, we will reduce these doses and doses, and significantly reduce side effects.

Combined use with anticancer drug treatment

By combining anti-cancer drugs with genetic therapy, it is possible to obtain effects even if the dose of anticancer drugs is reduced. Until now, anticancer drug therapy becomes possible even in cases where anti-cancer drugs can not be applied due to problems of medical condition or side effects. In addition, by combining gene therapy, it is possible to prevent cancer cells from developing tolerance and obtain long-term effects.

Combined use with radiation therapy

Genes administered by gene therapy repair DNA damaged by radiation and reduce side effects. Gene therapy after radiation treatment is also effective.

About the cancer Immuno-Cell therapy

What is the cancer Immuno-Cell therapy?
Our everyday health is maintained intact, since abnormal cells are always excluded from the body by the immune cells. Thus, to prevent cancer the immune cell function must be strengthened in some way. The immune cell therapy is provided by the gentle method that the immune cells taken from the patient's blood is activated and proliferated in a cultured processing facility to enhance the immune cell functionality to attack cancer cells, and injected back to the patient. The immune cell therapy is most expected as a multimodality therapy in the future, synergy with three major therapies (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy).
What is characteristic of cancer Immuno-Cell therapy?
Characteristics of cancer Immuno-Cell therapy are as follows.
  1. QOL (quality of life) is maintained with very few side-effects.
  2. Can be expected synergistic effects in combination with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  3. Relapse prevention effect is shown as an adjuvant therapy after surgery.
  4. The treatment is gentle and body-friendly so that it can be applied for the patient with progressed cancer, suitable for nearly all kinds of cancer, except for blood cancer (leukemia, T -cell type malignant lymphoma, etc.).
  5. Basically, it is an outpatient treatment, and does not need hospitalization.
  6. It is responsible for relapse prevention.

Immuno-Cell therapy can play a big role in preventing a recurrence of cancer after surgery to attack the microscopic cancer cells while maintaining QOL of the patient.
Actually, several cancer research renters, including the National Cancer Center and Chiba National Cancer Center reported that their results have shown an increased survival and reduction in the recurrence by immune cell therapy after surgery.

What kinds of Immuno-Cell therapies are there?
Immuno-Cell therapy is an advanced treatment based on the cutting-edge science of molecular immunology and cell biology.
Various immune cells in the blood affect cancer cells and their different roles work against cancer.
As there are differences in faces between each person, every cancer cell has the personality.
Immune cell therapy, "personalized medicine" is possible according to the person as appropriate for each individual patient.
As the major Immuno-Cell therapies, there are
  • Activated self-T lymphocyte treatment (CD3-LAK therapy)
  • NK cell treatment
  • Dendritic cell therapy (DC vaccine therapy)
  • NKT cell treatment
What is NKT cell therapy which has just got popularity
The NKT cell therapy is attracting attention, since features of the NKT cells are not found in other immune cells. The NKT cells have characteristics of both natural killer cells of the innate immune system and adaptive immune system T-cells. NKT cells have not only NK cell receptors but also T cell receptor expression at the same time. Thus, NKT cells are called no. 4 lymphocytes.
The NKT cells have been found to be few in the blood but have a very important role in immune system, because the NKT cells but their antitumor and immune effects are found to be profound.
By the proliferation and activation of NKT cells, it is demonstrated that the immune cells of both the innate immune system and adaptive immune system can be activated, including dendritic cells. Therefore, activation of NKT cells is extremely efficient and has a powerful anti-tumor effect. Moreover, NKT cells have been shown cancer that the cells are more powerful than natural killer cells to kill cancer cells. Thus, the NKT cells are called as almighty outstanding immune cells in antitumor activity.
In recent years specific activation of NKT cells is found to be possible by means of making the NKT cells to recognize the sugars lipids—galactosilseramide. With this method the NKT cells can be profoundly proliferated and activated, and applications of the NKT cell immuno-cell therapy is progressed dramatically.
How does the flow chart of "cancer immune cell therapy" go?
The flow of consultation of "cancer immunity cell therapy" is as follows.

1. Medical consultation and treatment description

Orthodontic specialty coordinator can contact you in advance. Please consult the "contact us" corner of the home page.
In case of oversea patients, please contact the medical cooperation first or consult with your doctor. (Please contact us through *Cooperative healthcare and the medical institution)

2. We create a treatment plan tailored to the patient with treatment consent

Considering the patient's general condition, treatment plan is enacted. Make a plan and schedule depending on the convenience of our patients and their families for the most effective treatment.
Your cost of the treatment is presented, and the consent is established.

3. Treatment

In this clinic, small amount of blood is drawn from the peripheral vein and the activated blood is infused back into the vein one to two weeks later.
This clinic sends the blood to the processing center, where the mononuclear cells are separated from the blood.
To summarize the process in the process center, lymphocyte activation is processed in a flask and increased in number in the cultivation bag. Then, cleaning is made and suspended in saline. The activated and increased lymphocytes are returned to the patient’s veins at the clinic. (The schedules will be fixed depending on convenience for overseas patients).

4. Evaluation of tests and treatment

Confirming the results of the blood tests and imaging studies, we consult with the patients to continue the treatment. To prevent excessive tests, a new test may not be needed in many cases. (A special separate request such as gene detection and examination is available)
You can also do genetic testing on options for the treatment evaluation in terms of a multilateral perspective.

About the inspection menu

About the inspection menu
In addition to cancer gene therapy and immune cell therapy, our hospital offers the following examination and examination.
  • Second opinion
  • Infectious disease test <blood collection>
  • Immune Function Test <Bleeding>
  • Colon cancer risk test <Bleeding>
  • Gout risk test <blood collection>
  • HLA test <mucosa>
  • Blood DNA fragment inspection <Bleeding> = Adjusting =
  • Telomere Test <Bleeding> = Adjusting =
  • PET (affiliated inspection organization) = Adjusting =